Monitoring Active Subscribers


Display active subscribers on the router.


To display information about all active subscribers on the router:

host1#show subscribers
                             Subscriber List
      User Name           Type         Addr|Endpt           Router
-----------------------   -----   --------------------   ------------
xcfgUser1@vpn1            ipsec     vpn1   
      User Name                      Interface                          
-----------------------   -------------------------------- 
xcfgUser1@vpn1            FastEthernet 5/2.4                                      
      User Name               Login Time           Circuit Id      
-----------------------   -------------------   ------------------- 
xcfgUser1@vpn1            06/05/12 10:58:42 
     User Name               Remote Id      
-----------------------   ----------------
xcfgUser1@vpn1            (800) 555-1212


Table 23 lists the show subscribers command output fields.

Table 23: show subscribers Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

User Name

Name of the subscriber

Note: The complete username with the domain name (if available) is displayed regardless of the status of the strip domain feature on a virtual router or AAA domain map.


Type of subscriber: atm, ip, ipsec, ppp, tnl (tunnel), tst (test)

Addr | Endpt

IP or IPv6 address and source of the address: l2tp, local, dhcp, radius, user. For local, dhcp, radius, and user endpoints, the address is that of the user. When the endpoint is l2tp, the address is that of the LNS.

Virtual Router

Name of the virtual router context


Interface specifier over which the subscriber is connected

Login Time

Date, in YY/MM/DD format, and time the subscriber logged in

Circuit Id

User's circuit ID value specified by PPPoE

Remote Id

User's remote ID value specified by PPPoE

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