Overview of Triggering ANCP OAM

You can provide an access-line test and rudimentary fault isolation capability for the B-RAS with the l2c oam command. Issuing this command triggers the access node to perform a loopback test on the local-loop (between the access-node and the CPE). The B-RAS generates a GSMP port management message to the neighbor specifying the access line identifier on the access node and OAM test characteristics desired by the B-RAS (for example, the number of cells/message to generate and the timeout period). The access node responds with the result of the triggered loopback test by means of a GSMP port management message. For example, when using an ATM-based local-loop, the ANCP operation can trigger the access node to generate ATM (F4/F5) loopback cells on the local loop.

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