Monitoring the AS-Path Access Lists for IP


Display information about AS-path access lists.


To display information about AS-path access lists:

host1#show ip as-path-access-list
AS Path Access List 1:
    permit  .*
AS Path Access List 2:
    deny  .*
AS Path Access List 3:
    permit  _109_
    deny  .*
AS Path Access List 4:
    permit  _109$
    deny  .*
AS Path Access List 10:
    deny  _109$
    permit  ^108_
    deny  .*


Table 7 lists the show ip as-path-access-list command output fields.

Table 7: show ip as-path-access-list Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

As Path Access List

Name of an AS-Path access list

permit, deny

Condition statement for routes matching the condition

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