Creating an L2TP Destination Profile

You can use the l2tp destination profile command to create the destination profile that defines the location of the LAC and to access L2TP Destination Profile Configuration mode.

If no virtual router is specified with the l2tp destination profile command, the current virtual router context is used.

If the destination address is, then any LAC that can be reached via the specified virtual router is allowed to access the LNS. If the destination address is nonzero, then it must be a host-specific IP address.

To create a destination profile:

host1:boston(config)#l2tp destination profile boston ip address

Use the no version to delete the L2TP destination profile.

Note: When you change an L2TP destination profile, you must wait for the router to delete all L2TP tunnels associated with the deleted profile before you create the new profile.

If you remove a destination profile, all tunnels and sessions using that profile are dropped.

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