Managing BFD Adaptive Timer Intervals

The bfd adapt command enables timer intervals to adapt for all BFD sessions on all virtual routers on the router.

Enabling BFD adaptive timers avoids BFD session flaps that might occur because of misconfiguration or other errors. When enabled, BFD attempts to adapt timer intervals on the router by making them less restrictive and increasing the survival chances for the session.

Note: Enabling BFD adaptive timers targets only rapidly flapping events and not genuine BFD down events. If BFD down events occur in intervals longer than 5 seconds, the session does not attempt to adapt.

Disabling BFD adaptive timers does not affect current adaptive timer intervals for sessions. Disabling adaptive timers prohibits BFD from further adapting timer intervals for existing sessions or for new sessions.

To reset adapted intervals for all BFD sessions on the router, use the clear bfd adapted-intervals command.

bfd adapt

clear bfd adapted-intervals