Monitoring J-Flow Statistics

This section shows how to clear J-Flow statistics and use the show commands to view J-Flow settings and statistical results.

Clearing J-Flow Statistics

Use the clear ip flow stats command to clear all entries from all flow caches on the virtual router.

clear ip flow stats

J-Flow show Commands

You can monitor the following aspects of J-Flow statistics by using the following commands:

To Display


Main cache flow operational statistics

show ip cache flow

J-Flow sampling state

show ip flow sampling

J-Flow export state and export statistics

show ip flow export

You can use the output filtering feature of the show command to include or exclude lines of output based on a text string that you specify. See Command Line Interface in JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide, for details.

show ip cache flow

show ip cache flow aggregation

Example—Aggregation cache flow output

host1#show ip cache flow aggregation as active brief
29140 packets sampled.

                               Total           Packets   Bytes       Packets
   Src.AS         Dst.AS       Flows           /Flow     /Pkt        /Sec
-------------  - ---------    ----------     ---------  --------- ---------
400              100           0.000           118.000   1014.000   0.000
100              400           0.008           935.000   1026.000   7.664
------------------ Summary ---------------------
Total Flows Processed: 2
Total Packets 1053
Total Bytes   1078962

show ip flow export

show ip flow sampling