Monitoring Routing Policy

You can monitor the following aspects of routing policy by using show commands:

To Display


Access lists

show access-list
show ip as-path access-list
show ipv6 access-list

Community lists

show ip community-list

Policy lists

show ip match-policy-list

Prefix lists

show ip prefix-list

Prefix trees

show ip prefix-tree


show ip protocols

Redistribution policies

show ip redistribute


show ip route

Route maps

show route-map

Interfaces and next hops

show ip route slot 5

Static routes

show ip static


show ip traffic

You can use the output filtering feature of the show command to include or exclude lines of output on the basis of a text string that you specify. For details about monitoring and troubleshooting the software, see “Command Line Interface” in the JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide.

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