Monitoring IP Forwarding Table Details for a Line Module


Display details on the forwarding table for a specific line module, including the memory used by each virtual router configured on the line module and free memory available on the module. This command is not supported on ES2 10G, ES2 10G Uplink, and ES2 10G ADV LMs.


To display details on the forwarding table for a specific line module:

host1#show ip forwarding-table slot 9
Free Memory = 3,166KB
  Virtual Router      Memory       Load Errors     Status
----------------     ---------    -------------    --------
   vr1                 4128              0          Valid
   vr2                 3136              0          Valid
   vr3                 2256              0          Valid
default               1024              0          Valid


Table 19 lists the show ip forwarding-table slot command output fields.

Table 19: show ip forwarding-table slot Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Free Memory

Amount of routing table memory free on the line module, in kilobytes

Virtual Router

Name of the virtual routers configured on the line module

Memory (KB)

Amount of routing table memory consumed by the virtual router, in kilobytes

Load Errors

Count of errors made while loading the routing table on the line module

Records any failed routing table distribution attempt as an error. Attempts can fail for many reasons during normal operation; a failed attempt does not necessarily indicate a problem. It is normal to see many Load Errors per day.


Whether the routing table for the virtual router is valid

If the Status field does not indicate Valid, then the routing table distribution has failed constantly for that virtual router. It is normal and appropriate behavior for the Status field to indicate Valid while the Load Error field increases daily.

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