Commands Used to Monitor IP

You can monitor the following aspects of IP using show ip commands:

To Display


RTR information

show rtr application

show rtr collection-statistics

show rtr configuration

show rtr history

show rtr hops

show rtr operational-state

Access lists

show access-list

show ip as-path-access-list


show arp

General IP information

show ip

IP addresses

show ip address

Community lists

show ip community-list

Routing table

show ip forwarding-table slot

show forwarding-table route-holddown


show ip interface

Shared IP interfaces

show ip interface shares


show ip protocols

Redistribution policies

show ip redistribute


show ip route

Interfaces and next hops

show ip route slot

Socket statistics

show ip socket statistics

Static routes

show ip static

TCP ACK, RST, and SYN protection status

show tcp ack-rst-and-syn

Black hole threshold information

show tcp path-mtu-discovery

TCP PAWS protection status

show tcp paws

TCP resequence buffer information

show tcp resequence-buffers

TCP statistics

show tcp statistics


show ip traffic

UDP statistics

show ip udp statistics


show ip profile

show profile brief

Route maps

show route-map

To set a statistics baseline for IP interfaces, use the baseline tcp and baseline ip udp commands. Use the delta keyword with IP show commands to specify that baselined statistics are to be shown.

You can use the output filtering feature of the show command to include or exclude lines of output based on a text string that you specify. See JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide, for details.

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