Monitoring IPv6 UDP Statistics


Display IPv6 UDP statistics.


  • You must configure an IPv6 license using the license ipv6 command before using the IPv6 routing protocol configuration commands on the E Series router.
  • All IPv6 routing protocol-related configurations are removed from the virtual router when you issue the no ipv6 command.


To display IPv6 UDP statistics:

host1#show ipv6 udp statistics
UDP Statistics:
  Rcvd: 0 total, 0 checksum errors, 0 no port
  Sent: 0 total, 0 errors


Table 48 lists the show ipv6 udp statistics command output fields.

Table 48: show ipv6 udp statistics Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


  • total—Total number of received packets
  • checksum errors—Checksum error packets received
  • no port—No port error packets received


  • errors—Error packets received
  • total—Total number of received packets

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