Monitoring an IPv6 Profile


Display information about a specific IPv6 profile.


To display information about a specific IPv6 profile:

host1#show ipv6 profile foo
IPv6 profile : foo
Unnumbered interface on : loopback 0
Router                     : r1
Access Route Addition      : Enabled
Source-Address Validation  : Disabled
Administrative MTU         : 0


Table 41 lists the show ipv6 profile command output fields.

Table 41: show ipv6 profile Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

IPv6 profile

Profile name

Unnumbered interface on

Specifier for the unnumbered interface or none if the interface is numbered


Router name

Access Route Addition

Status of access route addition (Enabled or disabled)

Source-Address Validation

Status of source address validation (Enabled or disabled)

Administrative MTU

MTU size

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