Monitoring General Information for IPv6


Display general IPv6 information.


  • You must configure an IPv6 license using the license ipv6 command before using the IPv6 routing protocol configuration commands on the E Series router.
  • All IPv6 routing protocol-related configurations are removed from the virtual router when you issue the no ipv6 command.


To display general IPv6 information:

host1#show ipv6
 Ipv6 Unicast Routing: Enabled
 Default hop limit: not specified
 Number of interfaces: 2
 Default interface source address/mask: fe80::90:1a00:210:fd0/128


Table 36 lists the show ipv6 command output fields.

Table 36: show ipv6 Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Ipv6 Unicast Routing

Status of IPv6 unicast routing on the router: Enabled or Disabled

Default hop limit

Maximum number of hops that the router can use in router advertisements and all IPv6 packets

Number of interfaces

Number of interfaces in which IPv6 processing is enabled

Default interface source address/mask

IPv6 address and mask of the default IPv6 interface

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