Monitoring RIP

Two sets of commands enable you to monitor RIP operation on your router: the debug and the show commands. Both sets of commands provide information about your router’s RIP state and configuration.

The task you are performing with each of these monitoring commands is basically the same for each command; that is, you are requesting information. The results of this request may vary. For instance, the debug commands provide information about problems with the network or the router, whereas the show commands provide information about the actual state and configuration of your router.

debug Commands

The debug commands provide information about the following RIP items:

debug ip rip

undebug ip rip

show Commands

Use the show commands to monitor the following types of RIP information:

You can set a statistics baseline for RIP interfaces by using the baseline ip rip command.

You can specify a VRF instance for the show ip rip commands. You can use the output filtering feature of the show command to include or exclude lines of output based on a text string you specify. See JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide, for details.

baseline ip rip

show ip rip

show ip rip brief

show ip rip database

show ip rip network

show ip rip peer

show ip rip statistics

show ip rip summary-address