Monitoring RSVP-TE Status and Configuration


Display status and configuration information about RSVP-TE.


To display information about RSVP-TE status and configuration settings:

host1#show mpls rsvp
RSVP is enabled
  Re-optimization timer is 3600
  Tunnel retry forever at interval 5 if route is available
  Tunnel retry forever at interval 5 if no route is available
  Refresh reduction is OFF
  Message bundling is OFF
  Egress label is non-null
  Hellos are on with an interval of 10000 and miss limit of 4
  Graceful restart is ON
    Restart time 60000 milliseconds
    Recovery time 120000 milliseconds

Additional detail shown when RSVP-TE graceful restart helper mode is enabled:

RSVP is enabled
  Graceful restart is ON (helper mode)


Table 74 lists the show mpls rsvp command output fields.

Table 74: show mpls rsvp Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

RSVP is enabled

RSVP-TE is enabled for MPLS tunnels


IP address of label-switched router

Re-optimization timer

Frequency at which LSPs are checked for better paths

Tunnel retry

Retry behavior to be performed during LSP setup

Refresh reduction

State of RSVP-TE summary refresh reduction, OFF or ON

Message bundling

State of RSVP-TE summary refresh message bundling, OFF or ON

Egress label

Type of label advertised for the LSR that is the egress router for the prefix, explicit-null or a non-null label


State of RSVP-TE hello feature, including the hello refresh interval and hello miss limit

Graceful restart

State of RSVP-TE graceful restart, OFF or ON

helper mode

Graceful restart helper mode is enabled when this field is displayed

Restart time

Graceful restart time, in milliseconds

Recovery time

Graceful restart recovery time, in milliseconds

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