MPLS Data Plane Behavior Overview

When PE 2 receives a data packet from CE 2 destined for the 6001:0430::/48 network, the router detects a native IPv6 packet on its link to CE 2. PE 2 does a lookup in its VRF B IPv6 routing table, prepends labels L2 and L1 to the IPv6 header, and then forwards this packet on its core-facing IPv6 dynamic interface. When the P router receives this packet, it performs a lookup on L2 and label switches the packet toward PE 1. The P router either replaces L2 with another label or pops that label if PE 1 requested PHP.

When PE 1 receives the packet on its core-facing interface, it pops all the labels, and performs a lookup in the IPv6 table of VRF A (which is associated with L1) using the destination address in the IPv6 header. After that, PE 1 forwards the IPv6 packet out to CE 1 on the IPv6 link.

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