Configuring PE Router for OSPF

At a minimum, perform the following tasks on each PE router to configure them for OSPF. For other OSPF configuration tasks, see OSPF Configuration Tasks in the JunosE IP, IPv6, and IGP Configuration Guide.

  1. Create the VRF.
    host1(config)#ip vrf ospf2 Proceed with new VRF creation? [confirm] host1(config-vrf)#rd 100:85 host1(config-vrf)#exit
  2. Start OSPF on the VRF, either from the parent VR or directly from the VRF.

    From the parent VR:

    host1(config)#router ospf 5 vrf ospf2

    From the VRF:

    host1(config)#virtual-router :ospf2 host1:default:ospf2(config)#router ospf 5

    The command prompts in the remaining steps reflect using the latter method for starting OSPF.

  3. Configure the OSPF domain ID.
    host1:default:ospf2(config-router)#domain-id 45
  4. Configure the VPN route tag.
    host1:default:ospf2(config-router)#domain-tag 1200
  5. Redistribute routes learned from other PE routers back into OSPF.
    host1:default:ospf2(config-router)#redistribute bgp
  6. Create an address family in BGP.
    host1:default(config)#router bgp 100 host1:default(config-router)#address-family ipv4 unicast vrf ospf2
  7. Redistribute OSPF routes into BGP.
    host1:default(config-router)#redistribute ospf

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