Configuring Customer Carrier as a VPN Service Provider

You must complete the following configuration process when the customer carrier provides VPN services for its customers.

On the provider carrier's PE router:

  1. Basic MPLS Configuration Tasks.
  2. Configure BGP.
  3. Configure an IGP.
  4. Configure LDP.
  5. Configure VRF.
  6. Enable carrier-of-carriers support on the VRF; use the mpls topology-driven-lsp command in the context of the VRF virtual router to enable MPLS support.
  7. Enable LDP on the interface in the VRF that connects to the customer carrier's PE router.
  8. Use the show ip bgp vpnv4 vrf vrfname summary command to verify that carrier-of-carriers support is enabled.

On all of the customer carrier's routers, configure:

  1. MPLS
  2. An IGP
  3. LDP

On the customer carrier's PE router that connects to the end customer's CE router, additionally configure:

  1. BGP
  2. VRF

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