Example: Adding Static Routes to a Shared IP Interface

You can introduce routes to VPN sites into the global routing table by placing static routes to the VPN sites into the global table. The static routes must point to shared IP interfaces that are shares of the PE-CE interface for each particular VPN site. The static routes must then be injected into BGP (possibly as part of an aggregate) so that they can be reached from the Internet. Figure 107 illustrates this approach:

Figure 107: Static Route to Shared IP Interface

Static Route to Shared IP Interface

The following commands configure the shared interface and a static route:

host1(config)#virtual-router pe1 host1:pe1(config)#interface ip ce1-cust host1:pe1(config-if)#ip share-interface atm2/0.1 host1:pe1(config-if)# ip address host1:pe1(config-if)#exit host1:pe1(config)#ip route ip ce1-cust

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