Configuring the IGP Outside the VRF Context

The RIP and OSPF protocols also enable you to specify a VRF and configure the protocol without actually entering the VRF context.

For example, for OSPF you might issue the following command and then complete OSPF configuration tasks for VRF A:

host1(config)#router ospf 100 vrf vrfa

For RIP, you create the RIP process, specify the address family for the VRF, and specify redistribution of BGP routes for VRF A:

host1(config)#router rip 100 host1(config-router)#address-family ipv4 vrf vrfa host1(config-router-af)#redistribute bgp

At this point you proceed with RIP configuration for the VRF. For information about configuring IS-IS, OSPF, or RIP as the IGP, see the cit-junose-ip-ip6-igp;. For information about configuring BGP as the IGP, see Configuring BGP Routing.

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