Monitoring BGP Flap Statistics


Display information about BGP flap statistics

The show ip bgp flap-statistics and show bgp ipv6 flap-statistics commands display similar information.


To display information about flap statistics:

host1#show ip bgp flap-statistics
Local BGP identifier, local AS 100
  Route flap dampening is enabled
  Default decay half-life is 15 minutes
  Default cutoff threshold is 2000, default reuse threshold is 750
  Default maximum hold-down time is 60 minutes
  307 paths have active route flap histories (27016 bytes used)
  5 paths are suppressed
                                                  Figure      Time until
Prefix             Peer            Status         of Merit     Reuse/Remove   Available       925         00:58:23   Available       925         00:58:23   Available       750         00:54:12   Available       993         00:59:53   Available       993         00:59:53   Unreachable     925         00:58:23   Available       750         00:54:12


Table 33 lists the show ip bgp flap-statistics command output fields.

Table 33: show ip bgp flap-statistics Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Local BGP identifier

BGP router ID of the local router

local AS

Local autonomous system number

Route flap dampening

Status of route flap dampening (enabled or disabled)

Default decay half-life

Time (in minutes) after which a penalty is decreased. After the route has been assigned a penalty, the penalty is decreased by half after the half-life period (which is 15 minutes by default).

Default cutoff threshold

Value of the penalty for a flapping route below which the route is unsuppressed

Default reuse threshold

Time (in hours:minutes:seconds) after which the path will be made available

Default maximum hold-down time

Interval, in seconds, after not receiving a keepalive message that the software declares a peer dead

route flap history

Status of route flap history for route paths


Prefix for the routing table entry


IP address of BGP peer


Status of route dampening of the route path

Figure of Merit

A measure of the route's stability. Higher values indicate more recent route flap activity or less stability.

Time until Reuse/Remove

Time until the route is either reused (if currently suppressed) or its history entry is removed (if currently available)

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