Monitoring BGP Aggregate Addresses


Display information about aggregate addresses.

The show ip bgp aggregate-address and show bgp ipv6 aggregate-address commands display similar information.


To display information about aggregate addresses:

host1# show bgp ipv6 aggregate-address
Prefix             AS set  Summ only  Attribute map   Advertise map     Suppress map
3ffe::/48          No      No         None            None              None 


Table 27 lists the show bgp ipv6 aggregate-address command output fields.

Table 27: show bgp ipv6 aggregate-address Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Prefix of the aggregate address

AS set

ASs in the AS-set path

Summary only

Displays a summary of aggregate address information

Attribute map

Displays the attribute maps for aggregate addresses

Advertise map

Displays the advertise maps for aggregate addresses

Suppress map

Displays the suppressed maps for the aggregate addresses

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