Setting the Default Output Fields While Displaying Summarized Status of BGP Neighbors


Specify fields that are displayed by default by a subsequently issued show ip bgp summary command.

You can use the intro keyword to enable the display of introductory information about BGP attributes. The order in which you specify the fields has no effect on the order in which they are displayed.


To specify the default output fields:

host1:pe2(config-router)#default-fields peer remote-as state 
messages-received messages-sent up-down-time
host1#show ip bgp summary
                                           Messages    Messages
Neighbor AS   State         Up/down time   Sent        Received  100  Established   00:07:55       94          92


Table 22 lists the show bgp summary command output fields.

Table 22: show bgp summary Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


BGP neighbors


AS number of the peer


State of the connection

Up/down time

Time the connection has been up or down

Messages sent

Number of messages sent to peer

Messages received

Number of messages received from peer

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