Monitoring the VRF Routing Table


Display the routing table of the specified VRF


To display the routing table of the VRF

host1#show ip route vrf vpn2
Protocol/Route type codes:
I1- ISIS level 1, I2- ISIS level2,
I- route type intra, IA- route type inter, E- route type external,
i- metric type internal, e- metric type external,
O- OSPF, E1- external type 1, E2- external type2,
N1- NSSA external type1, N2- NSSA external type2
Prefix/Length   Type     Next Hop    Dist/Met     Intf
--------------- -------  ----------  --------      ------------     Connect    0/1           fastEthernet3/0     Connect    0/1           atm4/0.21


Table 98 lists the show ip route command output fields.

Table 98: show ip route Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Protocol/Route type codes

Type of route


Network prefix for route in VRF routing table


Protocol of route

Next Hop

IP address of the next hop to reach route


Administrative distance and metric applied to route


Outgoing interface to reach route

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