Monitoring MPLS Forwarding for Layer 2 Services over MPLS


Display configuration and statistics for all label-switched paths (LSPs) or for specific LSPs configured on the label-switching router (LSR). The brief keyword displays only the action taken for each in label.


To display LSP configuration and statistics from the MPLS forwarding table:

host1:two#show mpls forwarding
serial4/1:1/1/1/1/1.1 to
  In  label 20
    0 pkts, 0 hcPkts, 0 octets
    0 hcOctets, 0 errors, 0 discardPkts
  Out label 45 on tun mpls:1 nbr
    0 pkts, 0 hcPkts, 0 octets
    0 hcOctets, 0 errors, 0 discardPkts

To display summary information from the MPLS forwarding table:

host:two# show mpls forwarding brief
Platform label space
In Label  Owner              Action
-------- -------- ---------------------------------------------------------
16       ldp      lookup on inner header/label
17       ldp      swap to 29 on ATM5/0.1, nbr
18       ldp      swap to 30 on ATM5/0.1, nbr
19       ldp      swap to 32 on ATM5/0.1, nbr
20       ldp      swap to 34 on ATM5/0.1, nbr
21       ldp      lookup on inner header/label
22       ldp      swap to 38 on ATM5/0.1, nbr
23       ldp      swap to 40 on ATM5/0.1, nbr
24       ldp      swap to 42 on ATM5/0.1, nbr
25       ldp      lookup on inner header/label
26       ldp      swap to 46 on ATM5/0.1, nbr
27       ldp      swap to 48 on ATM5/0.1, nbr
52       ldp      l2transport to FastEthernet2/0.2                  
53       ldp      l2transport to FastEthernet2/0.1 
     Interface        Owner                 Action
-------------------- -------- -------------------------------------------
FastEthernet2/0.1    ldp      swap to 55, push 42 on ATM5/0.1, nbr
FastEthernet2/0.2    ldp      swap to 54, push 42 on ATM5/0.1, nbr

The “swap to” labels 55 and 54 under the L2transport heading in the summary example are VC labels received from the other router. The label that is pushed in this case, 42, is for the base tunnel.


Table 107 lists the show mpls forwarding command output fields.

Table 107: show mpls forwarding Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Interface specifier


Destination IP address

In label

Label sent to upstream neighbor for route

Out label

Label received from downstream neighbor for route


Number of packets sent across tunnel


Number of high-capacity (64-bit) packets sent across tunnel


Number of octets sent across tunnel


Number of high-capacity (64-bit) octets sent across tunnel


Number of packets dropped for some reason before being sent


Number of packets discarded due to lack of buffer space before being sent

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