Configuring Routing in the Core Network for VPLS

After you configure the transparent bridging, LDP, and MPLS components of the VPLS network, you must configure an IGP, such as OSPF or IS-IS, on the PE router to set up routing within the core MPLS network.

This section explains one way to configure OSPF to enable routing in the core network.

Table 118 lists the commands discussed in this section to configure OSPF.

Table 118: Commands to Configure OSPF for a VPLS Network

network area

router ospf

To configure the PE router to set up OSPF routing for the core MPLS network:

  1. Create the OSPF routing process.
    host1(config)#router ospf 1
  2. Create the range of IP addresses associated with the routing process and the corresponding OSPF interfaces, and assign an area ID associated with each range of IP addresses.
    host1(config-router)#network area host1(config-router)#network area

    This example configures an OSPF routing process with process ID 1, and creates two OSPF interfaces in the backbone area (area one using IP address, and one using IP address The network area commands create the two OSPF areas if they do not already exist.

For complete information about configuring and using OSPF and IS-IS, see the JunosE IP, IPv6, and IGP Configuration Guide.

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