Configuring VPLS with BGP Signaling on a PE Router

To configure VPLS with BGP signaling on the PE router:

  1. Configure a single instance of VPLS, known as a VPLS instance, on the PE router for each VPLS domain in which the router participates.
  2. (Optional) Configure BGP multihoming for the customer site.
  3. (Optional) Configure optional attributes for the VPLS instance.
  4. Configure network interfaces to connect the PE router to each CE device.
  5. (Optional) Configure nondefault subscriber policies for the VPLS network interface.
  6. Configure a loopback interface and assign a router ID that uses the IP address of the loopback interface.
  7. Configure MPLS label-switched paths (LSPs) to connect local and remote PE routers.
  8. Set up BGP signaling on the autonomous system configured to signal reachability for this VPLS instance.

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