Monitoring LDP-Related Settings for VPLS


Display MPLS configuration information for a VPLS instance that uses LDP as the signaling protocol.


To display information for all VPLS instances configured on the virtual router:

host1:ve1#show ldp vpls
  Vpls     Vpls   Remote                        
Instance    Id      PE      In-label   Out-label
--------   ----   -------   --------   ---------
vpls1         1         25          27
vpls2         2         26          28


Table 130 lists the show ldp vpls command output fields.

Table 130: show ldp vpls Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Vpls Instance

Name of the VPLS instance for which the configuration information is displayed

Vpls Id

Globally unique identifier for the VPLS domain

Remote PE

IP address of the remote VE (also known as the PE) router


Incoming MPLS label from the remote site


Outgoing MPLS label used to reach the remote site

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