Monitoring MPLS-Related Settings for VPLS


Display MPLS-related settings for VPLS instances.


To display information for a specific MPLS label being used for forwarding:

host1:ve1#show mpls forwarding label 17
In label: 17
  Label space: platform label space
  Owner: bgp
  Spoof check: router pe1
    MPLS next-hop: 3, Forward to bridge-group customer1
    0 in pkts
    0 in Octets
    0 in errors
    0 in discard pkts

To display summary information for all MPLS labels being used for forwarding:

host1:ve1#show mpls forwarding brief
In-label   Owner    Action
--------   -----    ----------------------------------
17         bgp      Forward to bridge-group customer1
27         bgp      Forward to bridge-group customer2


Table 131 lists the show mpls forwarding command output fields.

Table 131: show mpls forwarding Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

In label

Label sent to upstream neighbor for route

Out label

Label received from downstream neighbor for route

Label space

Label space in which the label is assigned


Signaling protocol that placed the label in the forwarding table: BGP, LDP, or RSVP-TE

Spoof check

Type and location of spoof checking performed on the MPLS packet, router, or interface


Action taken for MPLS packets arriving with that label

in pkts

Number of packets sent with the label

in Octets

Number of octets sent with the label

in errors

Number of packets that are dropped for some reason before being sent

in discardPkts

Number of packets that are discarded due to lack of buffer space before being sent

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