Monitoring RSVP-TE Profiles and MPLS Tunnel Profiles


Display a specific RSVP-TE or tunnel profile, or all RSVP-TE or tunnel profiles.


To display the default RSVP-TE profile:

host1:pe2#show mpls rsvp profile default
RSVP profile default: used by 0 interfaces
    refresh period: 30000 ms
    timeout factor: 3

To display all MPLS tunnel profiles:

host1#show mpls tunnels profile
MPLS Tunnel Profile tunnelProfile
  LSP setup using rsvp-te
  tunnel not announced to any IGP
  (Global) Retry forever
       at (Global) interval 5 during Lsp setup if there is route
  (Global) Retry forever
       at (Global) interval 5 during Lsp setup if there is no route
  metric is relative 0
  path option 2
    path to be dynamically calculated by isis
  destinations include:
    ISIS Level 2 routers
    OSPF border routers


Table 81 lists the show mpls profile command output fields.

Table 81: show mpls profile Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Number of interfaces that use the profile


Timeout period in seconds between generation of refresh messages

timeout factor

Number of refresh messages that can be lost before the session is ended

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