Monitoring LDP Targeted Hello Receive and Send Lists


Display LDP targeted hello receive or send list, or both.


To display both the LDP targeted hello receive and send lists:

host1#show ldp targeted session
Mpls Target Session Status:
 D = Dynamically, S = Statically, A = Access List Configured
    Targeted session sent to is up  Used By: D
      indirect nexthop index 3, resolved
    Targeted session sent to is up  Used By: S
      indirect nexthop index 206, resolved


Table 71 lists the show ldp targeted session command output fields.

Table 71: show ldp targeted session Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Targeted session created by layer 2 over MPLS connection; see Layer 2 Services over MPLS Overview in the JunosE BGP and MPLS Configuration Guide for more information about layer 2 over MPLS


Targeted session statically created by user


Targeted session created by access list

Used By

Letter representing source of targeted session

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