Monitoring Interfaces That are Synchronizing with LDP


Display information about interfaces that are synchronizing with LDP or the specified interface that is synchronizing with LDP.


To display information about interfaces synchronizing with LDP:

host1#show ldp igp-sync
Atm 0/0:
       LDP configured;  SYNC enabled.
       SYNC status: sync achieved; peer reachable.
       IGP holddown time: infinite.
       Peer LDP Ident:
       IGP enabled: OSPF 1


Table 66 lists the show ldp igp-sync command output fields.

Table 66: show ldp igp-sync Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


State of LDP, configured, auto-configured, or not configured

SYNC status

State of synchronization, enabled or disabled

IGP holddown time

Value of IGP holddown time, infinite or number of milliseconds

Peer LDP Ident

IP address of LDP peer

IGP enabled

IGP protocol

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