Monitoring MPLS Label Bindings


Use to display label bindings from the MPLS label information base.


To display MPLS label bindings:

host1#show mpls binding
   Frame Relay over MPLS  vc-id 50001 group-id 2
    In    26 neighbor
    Out   27 neighbor
   VLAN over MPLS  vc-id 240001 group-id 2        
    In    22 neighbor
    Out   25 neighbor
    In    10001 neighbor
    Out   20001 neighbor
    In    10002 neighbor    stale
    Out   20002 neighbor    stale
    In    10005 neighbor    stale
    Out   20003 neighbor    stale
    In    10003 neighbor
    Out   20004 neighbor
    In    10004 neighbor
    Out   20005 neighbor

Note: The ldp keyword and the mpls keyword display the same information.


Table 64 lists the show ldp binding command and show mpls binding command output fields.

Table 64: show ldp binding and show mpls binding Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Label sent to upstream neighbor for displayed route


Label received from downstream neighbor for displayed route


IP address of neighbor to which the label is sent or received


Label that indicates neighbor has restarted

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