Monitoring LDP


Display information about LDP.


To display LDP information:

host1#show ldp
  LSR ID is
  FEC Deaggregation is off
  Egress label: implicit-null
  Label distribution control mode: ordered control
  LDP session retry  0 times at interval 10
  LDP session hold time: 180
  LDP session keepalive interval: 20
  LDP targeted-hello hold time: 45
  LDP targeted-hello interval: 15
  Topology Driven LSP enabled 
  LSPs used for IP forwarding
      for host addresses only

Note: The mpls keyword is optional and is provided for compatibility with non–E Series implementations.


Table 63 lists the show ldp command output fields.

Table 63: show ldp Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


IP address of label-switched router

FEC Deaggregation

State of FEC deaggregation, on or off

Egress label

Type of label advertised for the LSR that is the egress router for the prefix, implicit null, explicit null, or a non-null label

Label distribution control mode

Label distribution control mode used by LDP for label distribution, independent control, or ordered control

LDP session retry

Configured values for the number of LDP session retry attempts and the retry interval

LDP session hold time

Configured value for the LDP session hold time

LDP session keepalive interval

Interval at which LDP sends session keepalive messages, in seconds

LDP targeted-hello hold time

LDP targeted-hello hold time, in seconds

LDP targeted-hello interval

LDP targeted-hello interval, in seconds

Topology Driven LSP

Status of topology-driven LSP, enabled or disabled

LSPs used for IP forwarding

LSPs are placed in the IP routing table for forwarding plain IP traffic; displayed only when the mpls ldp ip-forwarding command has been configured. Indicates whether the LSPs that are used for IP forwarding are host only, subject to a specified access list, or subject to a specified prefix list.

LDP proto stats

LDP protocol statistics


Number of LDP peers discovered


Number of LDP adjacencies established


Number of LDP sessions established


Number of FEC elements


Number of FECs


Number of in labels (sent to upstream neighbor)


Number of out labels (received from downstream neighbor)


Number of constraint-based routed LSPs set up


Number of constraint-based routed LSPs deleted

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