Configuring RSVP-TE Hellos Based on Node IDs

You can configure the exchange of node-ID–based RSVP-TE hellos (node hellos) for interoperability with routers that cannot support RSVP-TE graceful restart with link-based hellos. E Series routers use node hellos only to support their graceful restart capabilities.

Note: Graceful restart must be enabled on the VR so that the node hellos can advertise the graceful restart capabilities. Link-based hellos are not required for graceful restart when you have configured node hellos. However, you might still use link-based hellos to monitor RSVP-TE links and detect link failures.

To configure the exchange of RSVP-TE node hellos on all RSVP-TE interfaces in the VR:

  1. Enable RSVP-TE graceful restart.
    host1:vr5(config)#mpls rsvp signaling hello graceful-restart
  2. Enable node hellos.
    host1:vr5(config)#mpls rsvp signaling node-hello
  3. (Optional) Configure the refresh interval.
    host1(config-if)#mpls rsvp signaling node-hello refresh interval 12000
  4. (Optional) Configure the refresh misses.
    host1(config-if)#mpls rsvp signaling node-hello refresh misses 5

    Note: Issuing the refresh interval or the refresh misses keywords only configures the refresh values; this action has no effect on enabling or disabling RSVP-TE node hellos.

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