Using BGP Routes for Other Protocols

You can use the ip route-type or ipv6 route-type command to specify whether BGP IPv4 or IPv6 unicast routes are available only for unicast routing protocols or for both unicast and multicast routing protocols to perform RPF checks. Routes available for unicast routing protocols appear in the unicast view of the routing table, whereas routes available for multicast routing protocols appear in the multicast view of the routing table.

Typically you use MP-BGP to learn the RPF routes for multicast protocols, especially if the topology for multicast networks differs from that for unicast networks. However, you might use this command if you do not want to run multicast MP-BGP, or if you are running BGP between CE routers in a given BGP/MPLS VPN (the current specification does not provide a way to transmit multicast MP-BGP routes across a BGP/MPLS VPN core).

ip route-type

ipv6 route-type