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JunosE 15.1.0 Release Notes

Release Overview

These Release Notes cover Release 15.1.0 of the system software for the Juniper Networks E Series Broadband Services Routers and contain the following sections:

If the information in these Release Notes differs from the information found in the published documentation set, follow these Release Notes.

Before You Start

These Release Notes include information about the changes between Releases 14.3.0 and 15.1.0. Before you use your new software, read these Release Notes in their entirety, especially the section Known Problems and Limitations. You need the following documentation to fully understand all the features available in Release 15.1.0:

The 15.1.x documentation set consists of several manuals and is available only in electronic format. You can print your own documentation using the PDF and HTML formats available at the Juniper Networks Technical Documentation website at Refer to the following table to help you decide which document to use.

Install the router
ERX Hardware Guide
E120 and E320 Hardware Guide
Learn about modules
ERX Module Guide
E120 and E320 Module Guide
E Series End-of-Life Module Guide
Get up and running quickly
E Series Installation Quick Start poster or ERX Quick Start Guide
E120 and E320 Quick Start Guide
Configure the router
JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide
Configure physical layer interfaces
JunosE Physical Layer Configuration Guide
Configure link layer interfaces
JunosE Link Layer Configuration Guide
Configure line module redundancy, stateful SRP switchover, unified ISSU, VRRP, and interchassis redundancy (ICR)
JunosE Service Availability Configuration Guide
Configure IP, IPv6 and Neighbor Discovery, and interior gateway protocols (RIP, OSPF, and IS-IS)
JunosE IP, IPv6, and IGP Configuration Guide
Configure IP routing services, including routing policies, NAT, J-Flow statistics, BFD, IPsec, digital certificates, and IP tunnels
JunosE IP Services Configuration Guide
Configure IP multicast routing and IPv6 multicast routing
JunosE Multicast Routing Configuration Guide
Configure BGP, MPLS, Layer 2 service, and related applications
JunosE BGP and MPLS Configuration Guide
Configure policy management
JunosE Policy Management Configuration Guide
Configure quality of service (QoS)
JunosE Quality of Service Configuration Guide
Configure remote access
JunosE Broadband Access Configuration Guide
Get specific information about commands
JunosE Command Reference Guide A to M
JunosE Command Reference Guide N to Z
Monitor system events
JunosE System Event Logging Reference Guide
Look up definitions of terms used in JunosE technical documentation
JunosE Glossary

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