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JunosE 15.1.0 Release Notes

Release 15.1.0

Release Installation

Complete procedures for installing the system software are available in JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide, Chapter 3, Installing JunosE Software.

New software releases are available for download from the Juniper Networks website at You can use the downloaded image bundle to create your own software CDs.

Before upgrading to a new version of software, save your router's running configuration to a .cnf file or .scr file. If you subsequently need to downgrade for any reason, you can restore the earlier software version.

Informational Note: When you upgrade the software on a router that has a large number of interfaces configured, the router might appear to be unresponsive for several minutes. This condition is normal; allow the process to continue uninterrupted.

Upgrading to Release 5.3.0 or a Higher-Numbered Release

When you upgrade from a lower-numbered release to Release 5.3.0 or a higher-numbered release, the higher release might not load if you issue the boot system command from Boot mode while the lower-numbered software is running on the router or if you insert a flash card running a higher-numbered release into a system running a lower-numbered release. However, if you issue the boot system command from Global Configuration mode, the new software loads properly.

Upgrading from Release 5.1.1 or Lower-Numbered Releases to
Release 6.x.x or Higher-Numbered Releases

Release 5.1.1 or lower-numbered releases support application images only up to 172 MB. Your software upgrades or application images may be available remotely through Telnet or FTP, or may be delivered on a new NVS card. If you upgrade the JunosE Software using a new NVS card, we recommend you perform the upgrade in two stages: first to an intermediate release and then to the higher-numbered release you want to run. This restriction is not applicable if you upgrade your software remotely through Telnet or FTP.

To install larger application images for Release 6.0.0 and higher-numbered releases, you must first install Release 5.1.2 (or a higher-numbered 5.x.x release). This enables the system to support application images greater than 172 MB. For example, if you are upgrading the software using a new NVS card, you cannot go from Release 5.1.1 to Release 7.2.0 without first upgrading to Release 5.1.2.

See the following table for compatibility of releases.

JunosE Release
Highest Release Able to Load
Cannot Load
Application Image
5.1.1 or lower-numbered release
5.3.5p0-2 or the highest-numbered 5.x.x release
6.x.x or higher-numbered release
172 MB (approximate)
5.1.2 or higher-numbered release
No limitation
Not applicable
234 MB (approximate)
7.2.0 or higher-numbered release
No limitation
Not applicable
256 MB (approximate)

For more detailed information about installing software, and about NVS cards and SRP modules, see the following documents:

Moving Line Modules Between Releases

The Juniper Networks ERX1440 Broadband Services Router employs a 40-Gbps SRP module and a new midplane. Release 3.3.2 was the first software release to support the 40-Gbps SRP module and midplane. Before you can transfer a compatible line module from a Juniper Networks ERX705, ERX710, or ERX1410 Broadband Services Router to an ERX1440 router, you must first load Release 3.3.2 or a higher-numbered release onto the current router, and then reboot the router to load the release onto the line modules. If you then move any of those line modules to an ERX1440 router, that router is able to recognize the line module.

If you move a compatible line module from an ERX1440 router to an ERX705, ERX710, or ERX1410 router, the module loads properly in the new router regardless of the release.

SRP Module Memory Requirements

For Release 5.3.0 and higher-numbered software releases on ERX14xx models, ERX7xx models, and the Juniper Networks ERX310 Broadband Services Router, see ERX Module Guide, Table 1, ERX Module Combinations, for detailed information about memory requirements.

For Release 8.2.0 and higher-numbered software releases on Juniper Networks E120 and E320 Broadband Services Routers, see E120 and E320 Module Guide, Table 1, Modules and IOAs, for detailed information about memory requirements.

Hardware and Software Compatibility

For important information about hardware and software, see the document set as follows:

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