Understanding Configuration of SRP Modules for Redundancy

On a router with redundant SRP modules, you can specify the configuration that both the primary and redundant modules load in the event of a reload or switchover. A switchover can result from an error on the primary SRP module or from an srp switch command. The following behavior takes place only in the event of a cold restart; it does not take place in the event of a warm restart.

When you arm a configuration (.cnf) file by issuing the boot config cnfFilename command, a subsequent SRP switchover causes the redundant SRP module to take the role of primary SRP module with the configuration specified by the .cnf file. The new primary SRP module does not use the running configuration.

If you want the redundant SRP module to instead use the running configuration when it takes the primary role, then you must first arm a configuration file with the boot config cnfFilename once command. To exhaust the once option, you must then cause the redundant SRP module to reload for some reason, such as by issuing a reload command or by arming a new JunosE Software release or a hotfix file.

When a switchover subsequently occurs, the redundant SRP module reloads with the running configuration and takes the primary role. For more information about the boot config command, see Booting the System in the JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide.

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