Understanding Automatic Switchover

Provided you have not issued the redundancy lockout command for the primary line module, the router switches over to the spare line module automatically if it detects any of the following failures on the primary line module:

Limitations of Automatic Switchover

If automatic switchover is enabled on a slot (the default configuration) and a spare line module is available, issuing some CLI commands for the primary line module causes a switchover (Table 3).

You can also disable automatic switchover on individual slots. For more information, see Configuring Line Module Redundancy.

Table 3: Commands That Can Cause Automatic Switchover


Reason for Automatic Switchover

slot disable primary-line-module-slot

The command disables the primary line module but not the primary I/O module or IOAs.

reload slot primary-line-module-slot

The command is equivalent to pushing the reset button on the primary line module.

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