Deactivating High Availability

The switch route processor (SRP) module can operate in one of the two redundancy modes—file system synchronization and high availability. When you disable high availability, the router uses file system synchronization mode which is the default behavior mode for E Series routers that use redundant SRPs. The router synchronizes the contents of the NVS (nonvolatile storage) in the primary and standby SRP modules.

To disable high availability support:

  1. From Global Configuration mode, launch Redundancy Configuration mode.
  2. In Redundancy Configuration mode, you can disable high availability by doing one of the following:
    • Specify file system synchronization mode as the redundancy mode.
      host1(config-redundancy)#mode file-system-synchronization
    • Specify the no version to disable high availability.
      host1(config-redundancy)#no mode

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