Monitoring the Redundancy Status of Line Modules


Display redundancy information specific to line modules.


To display the redundancy status of the line modules. 

host1#show redundancy line-card
automatic reverting is off
                                up     sparing
       hardware    lockout      by       for     revert
slot     role      config      slot     slot       at
----   --------   ---------   ------   -------   ------
 3       ---         ---       ---       ---      ---
 8      spare        ---       ---       ---      ---
 12    primary    protected    ---       ---      ---
         midplane   midplane
slots      type       rev
------   --------   --------
8 - 13      6          0


Table 12 lists the show redundancy line-card command output fields.

Table 12: show redundancy line-card Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

automatic reverting

State of automatic reverting (on or off).


Slots in which the line modules reside.

hardware role

Function of the line module: primary or spare.

lockout config

Status of redundancy on this line module:

  • protected—Line module redundancy is enabled
  • locked out—Line module redundancy is disabled

backed up by slot

Slot that contains the line module that is a spare for this primary line module.

sparing for slot

Slot that contains the primary line module for which this line module is a spare.

revert at

Time at which you want line module to revert.

midplane type

Identifier for the type of midplane.

midplane rev

Hardware revision number of the redundancy midplane.

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