Configuring ICR Partitions

You can use RADIUS servers to authenticate subscribers and collect statistics related to the users logging in to an ICR partition on a virtual router. When you configure an ICR partition, you configure the interface on which the ICR partition resides and create a unique VRRP instance to manage the partition.

To configure an ICR partition:

  1. Configure the interface.

    See Configuring the Interface on Which ICR Partitions Reside.

  2. Create a unique VRRP instance to manage the ICR partition.

    See Configuring VRRP Instances to Match ICR Requirements.

  3. Create and assign a name to the ICR partition.

    See Naming ICR Partitions.

  4. (Optional) Select the grouping criterion for the ICR partition.

    See Grouping ICR Subscribers Based on S-VLAN IDs and Grouping ICR Subscribers Based on VLAN IDs.

    Note: Grouping subscribers based on S-VLAN IDs is the default grouping option for ICR partitions. If you do not explicitly specify the grouping option, subscribers are grouped based on S-VLAN IDs.

  5. (Optional) Configure RADIUS.

    See Using RADIUS to Manage Subscribers Logging In to ICR Partitions.

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