Example: Configuring Interface Sets for 802.3ad Link Aggregation Groups

This example shows how to configure interface sets to restrict a VLAN interface to a specific link in an 802.3ad link aggregation group (LAG).

When the parent interface of an interface superset is a LAG, the children of the superset are distributed to different links of the LAG using the load balancing scheme.

You can, however, specify the Ethernet physical port as the anchor of the interface superset. When the link is up, the interface superset is attached to the specified Ethernet port. When the link is down, the system chooses an available link. When the link comes back up, the system moves the interface superset and its member back to the primary link.

To restrict a VLAN interface to a specific link in the LAG:

  1. Configure the interface superset.
    host1(config)#interface superset lag
  2. Assign the parent interface as LAG.
    host1(config)#qos-interface-parent interface lag
  3. Restrict the interface superset to the Ethernet parent interface.
    host1(config-interface-superset)#restricted interface gigabitEthernet 4/0/0

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