Troubleshooting Memory and Processor Use for Egress Queue Rate Statistics and Events


Description: The E Series Broadband Services Routers uses shared processing and memory when it gathers egress queue rate statistics and events. If sufficient memory is not available, the statistics gathering is temporarily disabled and the queues are considered to be in failover mode until memory becomes available.

The router displays a CLI message whenever queues are put into failover mode and when they recover from failover mode.

Note: When an extremely large number of statistics is being gathered over a short period of time, the router might release the processor to perform more important tasks. This can result in longer rate periods than you have configured. For example, if you configured 10,000 queues to gather statistics every second on a line module, the router might actually lengthen the rate to 2 seconds or more.


To display the number of queues that are disabled because of no resources, issue the show egress-queue rates command.

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