Monitoring QoS Parameter Instances


Display the QoS parameter instances for QoS clients.


To display information about the QoS parameters attached to a specific interface or port type:

host1#show qos-parameter max-subscriber-bw references
interface  parameter name    value
--------- ----------------- -------
global    max-subscriber-bw 5000000
ATM11/0.1 max-subscriber-bw 6000000
  Global parameter instances:        1
  Parameter instances reported:      2

To display a list of all QoS parameters attached to all interfaces:

host1#show qos-parameter references
       interface                parameter name          value
----------------------- ------------------------------ -------
global                  max-subscriber-bandwidth       2000000
global                  subscriber-weight                    1
global                  max-subscriber-video-bandwidth 2000000
global                  max-100Kbps-voice-calls              1
FastEthernet9/0.2       max-subscriber-bandwidth       6000000
                        subscriber-weight                    3
                        max-subscriber-video-bandwidth 2000000
                        max-100Kbps-voice-calls              1
FastEthernet9/0.3       max-subscriber-bandwidth       8000000
                        subscriber-weight                    6
                        max-subscriber-video-bandwidth 3000000
                        max-100Kbps-voice-calls              3
FastEthernet9/0 svlan 1 max-subscriber-video-bandwidth 1000000
  Global parameter instances:   4
  Parameter instances reported: 13

To display the QoS profile name and attachment data for a specific interface:

host1#show qos-parameter references interface fastEthernet 9/0.3
    interface             parameter name          value    Type
----------------- ------------------------------ ------- --------
FastEthernet9/0.3 max-subscriber-bandwidth       8000000 explicit
                  subscriber-weight                    6 explicit
                  max-subscriber-video-bandwidth 3000000 explicit
                  max-100Kbps-voice-calls              3 explicit
  Explicit parameter instances:      4
  Hierarchical parameter instances:  0
  IP multicast parameter instances:  0
  Parameter instances reported:      4

To display information in expanded format, including Service Manager references:

host1#show qos-parameter video references full
                   parameter               manager
    interface        name    value source   refs   persistence
------------------ --------- ----- ------- ------- -----------
GigabitEthernet6/0 video      50   default  none    persistent
  Global parameter instances:   0
  Parameter instances reported: 1 

To display information about global parameter instance attachments in condensed format:

host1#show qos-parameter references global brief

To display information about the parameter instances attached to a specific tunnel interface, specify the interface at the root of the scheduler hierarchy located on the tunnel-service interface or at the same hierarchy for LNS GRE tunnel traffic:

host1#show qos-parameter references tunnel-server 6/0

To display information about the parameter instancesattached to a specific L2TP session:

host1#show qos-parameter references l2tp-session session1

To display parameter instances only on the specified interface and not QoS parameters stacked above the interface:

host1#show qos-parameter references gigabitEthernet 6/0 explicit


Table 56 lists the show qos-parameter command output fields.

Table 56: show qos-parameter Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Location of the interface to which the parameter instance is assigned; global indicates that the parameter is assigned to the chassis

parameter name

Name of the parameter instance


Value assigned to the parameter instance


Source of the parameter instance:

  • dcm—Parameter instance was created in a profile
  • radius—Parameter instance was created through RADIUS
  • service manager—Parameter instance was created through Service Manager
  • default—Parameter instance was created through the CLI or SNMP

service manager refs

Number of references of this parameter instance created through Service Manager


Status of the persistence of a parameter instance in the system:

  • persistent—Parameter instance is stored in NVS and is restored after a chassis reset
  • non-persistent—Parameter instance is not stored in NVS and are deleted after a chassis reset

Global parameter instances

Number of parameter instances assigned to the chassis

Parameter instances reported

Total number of parameter instances assigned

Explicit parameter instances

Total number of explicit parameter instances assigned

Hierarchical parameter instances

Total number of hierarchical parameter instances assigned

IP multicast parameter instances

Total number of parameter instances associated with the IP multicast bandwidth adjustment application

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