Monitoring Queue Statistics for the Fabric


Display forwarded and dropped statistics for the fabric.


To display general information about the fabric queue:

host1#show fabric-queue
  traffic     egress               forwarded   forwarded   dropped   dropped
   class       slot      type       packets      bytes     packets    bytes
-----------   ------   ---------   ---------   ---------   -------   -------
best-effort    all     committed       0           0          0         0
best-effort    all     conformed       0           0          0         0
best-effort    all     exceeded        0           0          0         0

To display detailed information about the fabric queue in a specific traffic class:

host1#show fabric-queue traffic-class video detail

To display information about the fabric queue on the egress slot:

host1#show fabric-queue egress-slot 0


Table 45 lists the show fabric-queue command output fields.

Table 45: show fabric-queue Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

traffic class

Name of the traffic class

egress slot

Egress slot for which statistics are being displayed


Type of packet

forwarded packets

Number of forwarded packet

forwarded bytes

Number of forwarded bytes

dropped packets

Number of dropped packets

dropped bytes

Number of dropped bytes

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