Monitoring the Configuration of Scheduler Profiles


Display information about scheduler profiles. If you do not specify the scheduler profile name, data for all scheduler profiles is displayed.

You can display the values that you configured using a QoS parameter for assured rate, shaping rate, and shared-shaping rate.


To display information about all scheduler profiles:

host1#show scheduler-profile
            shaping                     strict    
scheduler    rate     burst   weight   priority   assured rate
---------   -------   -----   ------   --------   ------------
default     <none>    32767     8         no      <none>
wf100       128000    32767     20        no      75000
spSV25      5000000   32767     40        no      64000
videoHar    <none>    32767     8         no      hierarchical

To display the number of times that a QoS profile references the scheduler profile:

host1#show scheduler-profile brief
scheduler-profile default referenced 39 times in qos-profiles
scheduler-profile wf100 referenced 1 time in qos-profiles
scheduler-profile spSV25 referenced 2 times in qos-profiles

To display a list of QoS profiles that reference the scheduler profile:

host1#show scheduler-profile references
scheduler-profile default
  Referenced by QoS profiles:
scheduler-profile wf100
  Referenced by QoS profiles:
scheduler-profile spSV25
  Referenced by QoS profiles:


Table 40 lists the show scheduler-profile command output fields.

Table 40: show scheduler-profile Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Name of the scheduler profile

shaping rate

Maximum bandwidth, in bits per second, provided to a node or queue


Catch-up number associated with the shaper


HRR weight of a node or queue

strict priority

Status of strict priority, yes or no

assured rate

Desired bandwidth, in bits per second, provided to a node or queue, or the keyword, hierarchical, to indicate that HAR is used

Referenced by QoS profiles

QoS profiles that reference this profile

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