Monitoring Queue Profiles


Display information about queue profiles and references to queue profiles.


To display information about all queue profiles:

host1#show queue-profile
                 committed   conformed   exceeded    fraction:
        queue    length:     length:     length:     conformed,   buffer
      profile   min, max    min, max    min, max    exceeded     weight
      -------   ---------   ---------   ---------   ----------  ------
      default   0, <none>   0, <none>   0, <none>   50, 25        8

To display the number of times that a QoS profile references a queue profile:

host1#show queue-profile brief
queue-profile default referenced 31 times in qos-profiles

To display a list of QoS profiles that reference the queue profile:

host1#show queue-profile references
queue-profile default
  Referenced by QoS profiles:


Table 37 lists the show queue-profile command output fields.

Table 37: show queue-profile Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

queue profile

Name of the queue profile

committed length

Greater queue length than the length of the conformed or exceeded length

conformed length

A queue length that is less than the committed length but greater than the exceeded length

exceeded length

A queue length less than the conformed length which is less than the committed length

conformed fraction

Percentage of the total queue that can be occupied before conformed packets are dropped

exceeded fraction

Percentage of the total queue that can be occupied before exceeded packets are dropped

buffer weight

Weight of the queue

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