Monitoring Service Levels with Traffic-Class Groups


Display the name of a traffic-class group and the classes in the group.


To display the traffic classes in a traffic-class group:

host1#show traffic-class-group
traffic-class-group assured-fwd
  traffic-class video
traffic-class-group assured-fwd slot 11
  traffic-class video
  traffic-class voice 

To display the number of times each traffic-class group is referenced by a profile:

host1#show traffic-class-group brief
traffic-class-group g2 referenced 1 time in qos-profiles
traffic-class-group g3 referenced 1 time in qos-profiles
traffic-class-group g4 referenced 0 times in qos-profiles
traffic-class-group g1 referenced 0 times in qos-profiles

To display a list of profiles and QoS profiles that reference the traffic-class group:

host1#show traffic-class-group references
traffic-class-group g2
  Referenced by QoS profiles:
traffic-class-group g3
  Referenced by QoS profiles:


Table 35 lists the show traffic-class-group command output fields.

Table 35: show traffic-class-group Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

traffic-class group

Name of the traffic-class group


Name of the traffic class

Referenced in qos-profiles

Number of times group is referenced by QoS profiles

Referenced by QoS profiles

QoS profiles that reference this traffic class

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