Configuring a Parameter Definition for QoS Downstream Rate

To associate a parameter instance with the QoS downstream rate application:

  1. Configure traffic classes.
    host1(config)#traffic-class voice host1(config-traffic-class)#exit host1(config)#traffic-class best-effort host1(config-traffic-class)#exit
  2. Create a parameter definition for the QoS downstream rate application.
    1. Configure the QoS parameter name and the application.
      host1(config)#qos-parameter-define downstreamVLAN application qos-downstream-rate
    2. Configure controlled-interface types.
      host1(config-qos-parameter-define)#controlled-interface-type vlan host1(config-qos-parameter-define)#controlled-interface-type ip
    3. Configure subscriber-interface types.
      host1(config-qos-parameter-define)#subscriber-interface-type vlan
  3. Do one of the following:
  4. Enable QoS adaptive mode for the system by issuing the qos-adaptive-mode command in L2C Configuration mode.
    host1(config)#l2c host1(config-l2c)#qos-adaptive-mode
  5. Enable the QoS downstream rate application to use downstream rates obtained from the Actual-Data-Rate-Downstream [26-130] DSL Forum VSA.
    host1(config)#aaa qos downstream-rate
  6. Configure the scheduler profile for the shaping rate.
    host1(config)#scheduler-profile vlan1 host1(config-scheduler-profile)#shared-shaping-rate downstreamVLAN * 5 auto
  7. Configure the QoS profile for the shaping rate.
    host1(config)#qos-profile vlan1 host1(config-qos-profile)#vlan node scheduler-profile vlan1
  8. Attach the QoS profile to a logical Ethernet interface.

    ANCP or AAA dynamically creates the parameter instances for the QoS downstream rate application, and if applicable, the QoS cell mode application; therefore, you do not need to specify them.

    host1(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 6/0/2 host1(config-if)#encapsulation vlan host1(config-if)#interface gigabitEthernet 6/0/2.1 host1(config-if)#vlan id 1 host1(config-if)#qos-profile vlan1 host1(config-if)#ip address

For more information about configuring ANCP (L2C) parameters, see JunosE IP Services Configuration Guide.

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